New Brand, New Site & New Focus

New Brand, New Site & New Focus

After a large debate and multiple iterations, we have finally settled on our new branding. Yes it’s another owl. But at least you can instantly tell its an owl this time! Right?

When Otus Labs was founded, we were looking for a name that had a true meaning and fitted with our mission of providing the intelligence behind all modern applications. Once we discovered that the word “Otus” was the taxonomic name for a group of wise owls, the decision was made and Otus Labs was born.

Our first logo was created by myself at 3am in the morning, by crudely trying to make an “O” into something that resembled an owl. Personally I think I nailed it… Unfortunately other people disagreed! I won’t go into all the things it was likened too (lets just say AirBnB got it easy) but it definitely got peoples attention. To most peoples surprise we stuck with this bodged together logo for over three years. – As far as I was concerned if people were talking about our brand it was only a good thing.

So Why Change The Logo?

In short: We had to. Early this year we decided to forge ahead with our overall mission of making it simple for developers to build intelligent applications & services. Which meant we would soon be launching new products that wouldn’t make sense to be under the same “roof”. It was always my thought that Otus Labs would be the incubator for multiple products, but when we launched our profiling API back in 2013 we chose to do so under the Otus Labs branding. In hindsight this has only led to customer confusion and has made our job of explaining our offering much harder.

This is why we decided on a brand identity that could work alongside our multiple sub-brands. Some of which we are launching today! Introducing:


Scops - Audience Insights

Scops is the new home of our user profiling API, which enables developers to convert user data into actionable insights. This APi is already being used by industry leading brands to give millions of people every month a better experience.


Context Aware Artificial Intelligence - Otus AI
Otus AI is the power and intelligence behind everything that we produce. will be the home for all our technical wizardry and will be the first port of call for developers who want to access the power of our context aware AI.

Michael is the founder & CEO of Otus Labs.
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